Organising your study 'place'

Organising the place where you study is really important. The guidelines below may help you study in comfort, and therefore be more productive

1) Try and study at a regular time each night if possible. Draw up a 'study timetable' and prioritise how you are going to spend your time each evening. 

2) Make sure you are comfortable. Check that your chair is comfortable, and is the right height for your desk. 

3) Don't have your room too hot- that can make you sleepy and less productive.

4) Be organised: Get all your books, pens etc ready early, so you don't have to keep getting up.

5) Avoid distractions: Don't try and study in front of the TV. Put a sign on your bedroom door if you study better in silence. Turn off your phone and facebook when you are studying (it is very easy to get distracted and waste time 'just checking'). 

6) 'Train like you intend to play'.... in the exam you will be writing for a good couple of hours, and you won't be able to listen to your mp3/ iPod. Get in the habit of writing for an extended period of time, and don't use mp3's in your practice exams as you should get in to the habit of working without them. 

6) Ask for help: Parents, brothers and sisters, friends, teachers...there are lots of people that want to help you do well. 

7) Keep some 'you' time... if you study too much, you will start to get tired and less productive. Reward yourself with some time off to watch your favourite TV show/ hang out with mates as a break from your study.