Section Three: Short Answer (Language Analysis)

In Section Three you will be required to answer ten  short answer questions. This will involve reading an article on an issue. 

Some of the things you may  need to identify are:

1 The main contention of a text.

2 Headlines : How do they capture the attention of the reader?

3 Associations, connotations and their effects. 

4 Anecdotal / Personal evidence and why this is used.

5 Appeals : How do appeals sway the reader?

6 Factual/ statistical evidence. How does this bolster the writer’s/speaker’s point of view?

7 Imagery : metaphor, simile, personification, adjectives, analogies.

8 The three Rs : rebuttal, rhetorical questions and repetition are fairly easily recognisable persuasive devices.

9 Other : generalisation; hyperbole; alliteration;