Section One: Text Response

For this section, you will need to write a text response to 'Of Mice and Men'
There will be two questions in Section choose one. 

NEW: Practice Question:
"Of Mice and Men is a story of hopes and dreams" Discuss this quote with reference to the text. 

Next week there will be some sample questions for you to revise with. In the meantime, here are some of the ideas and issues explored in the novel. 
·   Loneliness/ isolation
·    Relationships / friendship
·    Hope / hopelessness
·    Strength / weakness
·    Dream / reality
·    Powerlessness / exploitation
·    Oppression
·    Violence / cruelty
·    Anger / aggression
·    Grief
·    Social outcasts
·    Vulnerability
·    Victimisation
·    What can you add?