Welcome to the website for revision for  Year 10 English classes, for Semester One. 

On Friday 17th June you will sit a two-hour English exam (with an additional 15 minutes reading time). By clicking on the tabs above you will find some specific work to help you prepare for the exam, and information about each section. There will also be some ideas under the 'blog' section, and some general advice under 'Study Techniques'

The format of the exam is as follows:
Reading TIme: 15 Minutes
Writing Time: 120 Minutes

Section 1 : Text Response. One analytical response from a choice of two topics. (Of Mice and Men)
Section 2 : Persuasive Writing (either an essay or a speech) based on material provided.
Section 3 : Analysis of language used to persuade. Students will need to recognise the uses of persuasive language in a text 
If you need further clarification for anything on this website, you can send Mr Torpey an email using the link below. Make sure you include all your details.